Sunday, March 6, 2011

Architectural Carving- Mahogany Door with Hibiscus and Hummingbirds

This door was commissioned for an interior closet. 24" wide by 80" tall.  It was made with 3 pieces of Cuban Mahogany.  This is the kind of mahogany that is native to Puerto Rico, it is very heavy and dense.  The center strip is 15" wide and the two side panels are 4.5" wide each. The thickness is 1".
After the initial construction and sanding of the door, the first step is to lay out the design in an aesthetic way.
The goal is to balance the positive and negative space.

Mahogany door with hibiscus and hummingbird design laid out.
 The second step is to prepare the door for carving by piercing the design to allow for ventalation in the tropical environment of the mountains in Puerto Rico.

Design pierced and ready to carve.

This customer also commissioned this panel for her kitchen, also carved in 1 inch thick Cuban mahogany.
Grapefruit panel in mahogany for installation in kitchen.