Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hand Carved Wooden Spoons by Susana Caban

Below are examples of special order hand carved spoons for collectors or one of a kind gifts. For ordering infornation, send inquires to cabancompany@gmail.com
Coqui Spoon in Cherry Wood Front

Coqui Spoon Back
Handcarved mahogany salad bowl with coqui salad servers.

Salad servers in cherry wood with sunflower design.
Apple wood spoons with flower designs.

Mahogany Shell Spoons Back

Mahogany Shell Spoons Front

Walnut Wood Salad Servers with Shell Design

Dolphin Tasting Spoon carved in Cherry Wood

Sea Horse Spoon carved in Walnut Wood

Parrot Spoons and Salad Servers carved in Walnut Wood

Cockatoo Spoon carved in Cherry  Wood Front

Cockatoo Spoon carved in Cherry Wood Back

Hummingbird Spoon Carved in Cherry Wood

Dolphin Spoon in Cherry Wood Back

Dolphin Spoon In Cherry Wood Front
Amiga the Cat Spoon carved in Cherry Wood Front

Amiga the Cat Spoon Back

Swan Ladle Carved in Apple Wood with Garnet eyes Front

Swan Ladle Back

Fish Salad Servers Carved in Walnut Wood with Turquoise eyes Front and Back

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hand Carved Coats of Arms-Escudos-in Wood by Susana Caban


by Susana Caban

Contact cabancompany@gmail.com for inquiries

Hand Carved Crests and Coats of Arms for your family, organization, fraterity, sorority, church, or office, custom made to your specifications.

 I will work from your design,  photo, or ideas for a truly unique one of a kind treasure for generations to come! 

The PRICE VARIES with requested size, type of wood, framing (if desired) and difficulty of design.

Please contact me with your special requests and requirements. We can work together to make a Coat of Arms to fit your needs and budget. 

You can send designs or requests to cabancompany@gmail.com for free price quotes for various size options. 

You can see more of my hand carved art and jewelry by visiting

     The design is drawn on and the waste wood is removed before carving begins.

    Examples of completed work carved in cedar with walnut frames.

     Detail of work in progess.


                               Gypsy Wolf Sign carved in Cedar, painted with Acrylic Paints

                Barrett Coat of Arms carved in Red Oak and painted with acrylic and walnut stain.

Electric meter cover carved in cedar.

Sign and electric meter cover carved in mahogany with hinged door in cedar.


Vickers Fire Dept. Carved in Cedar with Acrylic and Teak Oil

                             Mt. Krumpit  Coat of Arms carved in cedar with Silver Leaf

              Custom designed for the "Sexy Seagulls" and carved in cedar with freshwater pearl.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Architectural Carving- Mahogany Door with Hibiscus and Hummingbirds

Hummingbird and Hibiscus Door Carved in Mahogany Wood
Painted with oil paints and highlighted with gold leaf.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Architectural Carving- Mahogany Door with Hibiscus and Hummingbirds

This door was commissioned for an interior closet. 24" wide by 80" tall.  It was made with 3 pieces of Cuban Mahogany.  This is the kind of mahogany that is native to Puerto Rico, it is very heavy and dense.  The center strip is 15" wide and the two side panels are 4.5" wide each. The thickness is 1".
After the initial construction and sanding of the door, the first step is to lay out the design in an aesthetic way.
The goal is to balance the positive and negative space.

Mahogany door with hibiscus and hummingbird design laid out.
 The second step is to prepare the door for carving by piercing the design to allow for ventalation in the tropical environment of the mountains in Puerto Rico.

Design pierced and ready to carve.

This customer also commissioned this panel for her kitchen, also carved in 1 inch thick Cuban mahogany.
Grapefruit panel in mahogany for installation in kitchen.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Architectural Woodcarving in Maricao, PR

The second ocean scene column is finished!!  This completes  the series of eight columns making this amazing home truly a unique environment!   A grouping of 3 squid swim across the top in the photo above, and below is the family of Queen Angel fish with 2 adults and one juvenile.
 The ocean floor is decorated with seaweed, a seahorse, star fish, and a sea urchin.

 On the top of this final column is just the tail end of a happy dolphin leaping for joy! It truly has been an amazing project! Gracias a Dios!
Many blessings,
Susana Caban