Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hand Carved Wooden Spoons by Susana Caban

Below are examples of special order hand carved spoons for collectors or one of a kind gifts. For ordering infornation, send inquires to cabancompany@gmail.com
Coqui Spoon in Cherry Wood Front

Coqui Spoon Back
Handcarved mahogany salad bowl with coqui salad servers.

Salad servers in cherry wood with sunflower design.
Apple wood spoons with flower designs.

Mahogany Shell Spoons Back

Mahogany Shell Spoons Front

Walnut Wood Salad Servers with Shell Design

Dolphin Tasting Spoon carved in Cherry Wood

Sea Horse Spoon carved in Walnut Wood

Parrot Spoons and Salad Servers carved in Walnut Wood

Cockatoo Spoon carved in Cherry  Wood Front

Cockatoo Spoon carved in Cherry Wood Back

Hummingbird Spoon Carved in Cherry Wood

Dolphin Spoon in Cherry Wood Back

Dolphin Spoon In Cherry Wood Front
Amiga the Cat Spoon carved in Cherry Wood Front

Amiga the Cat Spoon Back

Swan Ladle Carved in Apple Wood with Garnet eyes Front

Swan Ladle Back

Fish Salad Servers Carved in Walnut Wood with Turquoise eyes Front and Back

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